IFI Names + IFI Snapshots = Complete Insights

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IFI’s approach of using only patent holding companies combined with our Company Name recognition ability has enabled a precise and accurate look at Parent Companies’ patent ownership.

IFI Names and Snapshots help you navigate from corporate parent to patent publication. You can connect the data you need into your software solution or workflow.

Who really owns the patent?

The IFI Names Service provides a simple method to find the standardized form of a company name (the "IFI Name") and its corporate parent (the "IFI Ultimate Owner"). It also provides a quick and efficient way to get a list of subsidiaries associated with an IFI Ultimate Owner.

It has never been easier to access comprehensive IP profiles of public and private companies that can be used to support investment decisions, risk analysis, or competitive intelligence.

IFI Names

Easy to navigate corporate ownership for both the IFI Original Owner, the Current Owner, and the Ultimate Owner.

Ultimate Owners make it easy to capture all patent assets held by a company including all subsidiaries.

Corporate portfolio analysis has never been easier.

Names relationships
Name Standardization Process

IFI Snapshots

Snapshots capture critical metrics related to publications such as whether a patent is granted or expired so you can avoid sifting through complex data relationships and national regulations. With Standardized Names you can find the IFI Current Owner, Original Owner, and Probable Owner.

Snapshot components

IFI product specialists and data management experts are always available to help you accelerate your product innovation.

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